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Gold Medal Mindset with Tom Bates

Where you learn to race, not just swim!

On Saturday the 13th of May 2022 we are so excited to be introducing our first ever Gold Medal Mindset evening with AP Race Performance Psychologist Tom Bates!

Every performance must start with one thing… Belief. Through this inaugural event, athletes, parents and coaches alike will have the chance to hear from world renowned Performance Psychologist Tom Bates on how to take performance to the next level through the power of self-belief.

We have created the ultimate two session workshop to give you the best opportunity possible to understand how to maximise mindset so you believe you can deliver when the time comes. This will be fast paced, interactive and most importantly high energy. We are ready… are you?

13/05/2023 - Castle Rock School, Coalville


15:30 Arrival
15:50 Introduction
16:00 Belief Discovery Session
16:45 Comfort Break
17:15 Belief Application Session
18:30 Q & A
19:00 Event End

The Team

Tom Bates

For nearly two decades Tom has been studying and applying his knowledge of performance psychology all over the world through various different sports and to some of the world's highest performing athletes, including Triple Olympic Champion and AP Race co-founder, Adam Peaty OBE.

Tom has a way of engaging everyone that he speaks to so you feel like you are on the edge of your seat with his revolutionary ideas of how you can unlock your mind to help you get the most out of the your mind whether it is a performance in the pool, in your work or even if your day to day life.

Ed Baxter

Ed, the co-founder of AP Race and will be presenting with Tom in the first session of the evening to challenge Tom himself on how we can all find more within ourselves to perform the way we want to when it matters.

Ed is the co-founder of AP Race, through a very challenging journey of being an athlete, a coach and business owner Ed and Tom have always had a huge amount of synergy in the way they think belief is so important to harness so we can be sure we can achieve what we dream of.

Event Content

Session One

Everyone is different, everyone has their own “reason why” and their own motivations in whatever they do. Knowing your reason why is good but finding the way to truly believe in your dreams and believe that they are possible is what will take your performance and you dreams to the next level.

Through this session Ed and Tom will be discussing different ways that we can all believe in ourselves, why we should believe in ourselves and how this can help us stand proud with the confidence and believe within ourselves. So many of us as we line up to perform think to ourselves “imagine if it goes wrong”… we are ready to change this to “imagine if it goes right”.

Session Two

This will be an extremely high energy fast paced session where Tom will be engaging with you in to make sure that you also leave the evening understanding how to access your “peak performance state”. This is so important as it will help you understand how to switch between your true self and performer self.

Through this session Tom will take you through a multitude of different techniques that will help you create your peak performance state. This will include visualisation, self-talk, understanding how to manipulate your emotions and many more.


The minimum age to attend this event is 12 years old on the day of the event.

The booking process will take place through the Swimming Events website. To save time when booking we would encourage you make a Swimming Events account and add your athletes to your profile at your earliest convenience. Just visit swimming.events to get started.

The full event experience per attendee is £49 inclusive of both VAT and booking fees. Please see full T&C's on our website. For more information visit clinics.aprace.club.

I am so excited to be running this inaugural Gold Medal Mindset workshop as we explore the key skills and exercises used to achieve Olympic Gold Medal success.
This is an opportunity to hear first-hand how to can create the belief through the power of your mind that you are an Olympic Champion before you even step foot in the Olympic Village.
This is my calling… through everything I have done with AP Race so far, this is what I have been most excited by because I know the impact that we can have on every single athlete, coach and parent that attends this evening. I am ready… are you?
- Tom Bates