AP Race Clinics 2022 Tour

Where you learn to race, not just swim!

Less than a week after arriving home from the European Championships Adam Peaty OBE and the AP Race Clinics team are back on tour!

This swimming season consists of a World Championship, Commonwealth Games and a European Championships where Adam will be aiming for a sweep of golds. Less than a week after he goes for his 20th consecutive European title can come and meet the man behind the medals as you're coached by Adam and his team for a whole day.

The team has created the ultimate inspirational day bringing together support for both athletes and parents to have the best experience possible on their swimming journey.

Bookings open on Saturday 30th April at 18:00 (BST)!

26/08/2022 - Manchester, England
27/08/2022 - Bathgate, Scotland
28/08/2022 - Harrogate, England
29/08/2022 - Derbyshire, England
30/08/2022 - Buckingham, England
31/08/2022 - Berkhamsted, England
01/09/2022 - Strood, England
02/09/2022 - Peterborough, England

All specific venues will be communicated to the attendees a minimum of 4 weeks prior to the event.

Race Clinics will typically run between 07:30 - 16:15. Please note these times are subject to change and each individual Race Clinic will have its own timeline which will be released closer to the date of the Race Clinic.

The Team

Adam Peaty

Triple Olympic Champion, 14-time World Record Holder, Multiple World and European Champion… there is no one better to be leading you in the pool.

Ed Baxter

During his career, Ed was Youth Commonwealth Champion, Multiple British Champion & Record Holder as well as being English Senior Short Course Champion all over the 200-meter breaststroke. Ed was Adam's training partner for 5 years and now acts as one of his support coaches through the clinic Ed will be running the second pool station.

Rob Norman

Rob is a very experienced swimming specific Strength and Conditioning Coach who has a wealth of knowledge around how to best compliment the meters done in the pool with a truly World Class Dry Land Programme.

Kevin Pickard

Kevin is a very experienced sports professional with a background as an athlete, coach and talent developer. He has worked across over 100 clubs and supported 1000s of parents. Kev takes the lessons learned through working with some of the world's best athletes and feeds that information back down to all levels of the sport to ensure athletes, parents and coaches have the tools needed for the ups and downs of the sporting journey.

Tom Bates

For nearly two decades Tom has been studying and applying his knowledge of performance psychology all over the world through various different sports. Adam has worked with Tom for a number of years and really engages with his unique mentality towards performing and winning. Tom has a way of engaging everyone that he speaks to so you feel like you are on the edge of your seat with his revolutionary ideas of how swimmers can unlock their minds to help them get the most out of the pool.

There will also be a number of support staff including team managers and media representatives.

Clinic Content

Swim Station

Breaststroke is a highly technical stroke. From the dive, to your fingertips touching the wall, perfecting your technique is critical to success in the pool. Adam's stroke is totally unique, and he believes this is a major key to his success. The pool session consists of two parts: "free swimming" focussing entirely on the stroke, will be led by Adam. Breaststroke is all about efficiency, in the second pool station Ed will be taking you through how to make the most power out of every stroke and maximising your distance per stroke.

Gym Station

The Gym session will be led by Rob. Gym work is vital to a swimming programme and as the expert in swimming specific gym work Rob can offer unique insights. Rob has been Adam's gym coach for over four years and has been key to his success over recent years.

Racing Edge Station

The Racing Edge Station will be led by Tom. This station will be focused around how swimmers transition from good to great, working on the finer details that are always forgotten but sometimes the most critical. One of Adam's favourite quotes is "the mind is the athlete, the body simply the means". Tom will be helping swimmers to master their minds to get the most out of their performances.

Parent Support Station

As a swimming parent, you want your child to be the best they can be but it's often hard to find the right balance between wanting to help your swimmers achieve their best results but ensuring they are having the best experience possible on their swimming journey. Whilst the swimmers are at the Racing Edge Station, the parents of those swimmers are welcome to attend this station where Kev will be running a workshop and open Q&A to support you on your swimming journey as a swimming parent.

Presentation and Q&A

To round off the day Adam will be giving a presentation around his journey through swimming, the lessons he has learnt, how he has managed to retain unparalleled levels of success for so long and all about his pursuit of becoming Better Than Yesterday.


AP Race Merch will be available to sample and try on at the clinics and all orders can be placed online.

Every attendee will be gifted exclusive 2022 Race Clinics items which will be revealed as we approach the tour.


To attend a clinic, you must be aged between 8-17, age will be based off the day of clinic you wish to attend.

Spaces at each clinic are limited and the whole booking process will take place through the Swimming Events website. To save time when booking we would encourage you make a Swimming Events account and add your swimmers to your profile at your earliest convenience. Just visit swimming.events to get started.

The full day experience per swimmer is £219 inclusive of both VAT and booking fees. Please see full T&C's on our website. For more information visit clinics.aprace.club.

Spectating & Photography

Parents are welcome to attended and watch the day as it unfolds (where seating availability permits). Although parents are more than welcome to watch we request you don't interact with the swimmers (including your own child) whilst the swimmers are at stations.

Please note photography and filming by spectators is strictly prohibited during the clinics for child protection purposes in line with facility policies. However, there will be an opportunity at the end of the clinic for parents and swimmers to take pictures with Adam. There will also be an official photographer onsite at each clinic and these shots will be available to purchase after the event through SmugMug.

This is going to be a really busy year with three major international competitions. I'm looking to add to my 16 European Titles, 8 World Titles and 3 Commonwealth Titles. Competing at a home Games in Birmingham is going to be really special and I can't wait to see you at both the Commonwealth Games and my third AP Race Clinics UK Tour!
Remember, just take one day at a time and your only goal needs to be being Better Than Yesterday.
- Adam Peaty OBE